Job Vacancies

Title Date published Locations Business units
Guest Relations Agent - Rosa Grand 6/18/2018 Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/Front House Department.
Manutentore - Rosa Grand - Milano 6/12/2018 Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/Repair & Maintenance Department.
Staff Sala - Rosa Grand - Milano 6/6/2018 Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/F & B Department.
Sales Manager (Savoia Excelsior Palace, Villa Michelangelo) 6/5/2018 Savoia Excelsior - Trieste; Villa Michelangelo - Vicenza Sede/Sales
Group HR Manager - Firenze 5/23/2018 Sede Centrale - Firenze Sede/HR & Labor Relations
Junior Concierge - The Franklin 5/15/2018 The Franklin - Londra Alberghi/Front House Department.
Receptionist - The Franklin 5/15/2018 The Franklin - Londra Alberghi/Front House Department.
Restaurant Waiter/Waitress - The Franklin 5/15/2018 The Franklin - Londra Alberghi/F & B Department.
Restaurant Supervisor - The Pelham 5/15/2018 The Pelham - Londra Alberghi/F & B Department.
Room Attendant - The Gore 5/15/2018 The Gore - Londra Alberghi/Housekeeping Department.

Please be advised that Starhotels selects and hires personnel directly and does not utilize any external hiring agencies both in Italy and abroad. Therefore, we encourage you to disregard any employment offer presented to you by unauthorized parties.


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